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Single Family Residential (Condominiums Included) Interior
This would be the most familiar type of appraisal assignment to the typical homeowner or appraisal orderer. This is an interior inspection of the dwelling or condominium unit including all land. A summary appraisal report will accompany the inspection with market data and support for the value conclusions. This typically includes as many comparables as is necessary to support a value for the subject property. A single family interior inspection and report is the best value.
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Single Family Residential (Condominiums Included) Exterior
This includes a similar type of report to the interior product, however no interior inspection would be completed and instead a "drive-by" inspection of the exterior. This is less expensive than an interior inspection, but if there is limited knowledge of the interior of the subject this may not be an option. We pride ourselves on supportable values and we do not limit the scope of work if credibility may be lost.
Single Family Residential Field Review or Desktop Review
​Reviews are becoming more and more prevalent with the introduction of the "fast and cheap" model that many larger lenders have been relying on. This has led to MD appraisers coming from as far as Montgomery County, Maryland to complete assignments in Delmarva. We pride ourselves on exhausting all possibilities when reviewing another appraiser's report and actually verify all information including driving to all original comparables of the appraiser, as well as doing an interior inspection of the subject if appropriate. A credible review by a local can be the ammunition a homeowner or company may need to combat an incompetent or incomplete previous appraisal. Desktop Reviews are more limited in scope and will not include the Delaware appraiser inspecting the property or comparables, but an unbiased evaluation of the report and comparables would be completed. A desktop review can be an excellent tool to add another pair of eyes to the situation and evaluate whether the best appraisal methods were used, while a field review is a more complete service with inspections and analysis.
We offer an array of Maryland home appraisal products to meet any need and we can tailor to all specifications if necessary. The following are the most common appraisal products and what exactly would be included in each product.
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